Editorial Print Design — Spec

 Please note that none of these pieces are published work.

New York Magazine

The Atlantic

The Wall Street Journal

I would highlight how a piece of vintage furniture works in homes from two different eras. I would commission a highly detailed illustration by Ilya Milstein, where we would see a tight shot of the same couch between two scenes. On the left, we would see someone using it in a past decade and on the right, someone using it in present day. Specific illustrated details, like use of electronics or fashion, can make a clear distinction between both time periods.

Inside split illustration: we would see a 1960s-style vanity between two different scenes. On the left, it’s used as a vanity and on the right, it's used as an entry table. This will highlight how people are often sourcing furniture for other uses beyond their originally intended purpose.

Collage art is often used to pull together different textures and elements to create a cohesive image. Similarly, sourcing different resale or vintage items for your home can come together to make your home feel one-of-a-kind. I would commission an eclectic collage from Pedro Nekoi, showing a wide-angle shot with a complete view of the vintage-filled room.

Sidebars:  I would commission simple line drawing illustrations that feel approachable yet playful from Tamara Shopsin.