Our Silent Partner

Our Silent Partner is an anonymous, crowd-sourced portfolio of art that expresses what it’s like to live and work as a creative who has mental health challenges. We created Our Silent Partner in an effort to give voice to and normalize mental health struggles in the creative industry. Our initiative in May (Mental Health Awareness month) in the middle of a global pandemic, to break the silence around Mental Health and finally get creatives and agency leadership talking.

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I wouldn’t be pratcticing what I preach if I didn’t create my own submission.

I designed a set of prints  representing the effects of taking SSRIs. I have been taking these medications to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder for 8+ years.

Though these medications taught me how to manage my anxiety, they suppressed my emotions and caused me to feel numb. For so many years I mistook my mental illness as a personality trait and felt these medications were my life line. Now, I’m finally able to process my emotions for the first time since I was 15 years old. I’m feeling all the emotions, good and bad, and embracing them. 

Disclaimer: this only represents my personal experience with taking SSRIs.

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