Identity Refresh

 Identity refresh and digital communication for DigDeep, a human rights nonprofit working to ensure every American has clean, running water.

The brand identity takes inspiration from earth tones and the hurdles of providing clean water. It was important to not only establish a sense of immediacy, but a feeling of hope. The flexible typographic system generates a humanistic language and sense of urgency.

CD: Jeffrey Tang


Art Direction, Design


As a part of a larger rebranding effort, I was tasked with imagining how design and imagery could be used across social and digital communications. Working with a non-profit budget, the identity could not rely on photography as the hero of the work. To solve this, I relied on photo treatments that emulate earth tones and textures and bringing in containers that represent the mission’s roadblocks. I created a user-friendly library of gradients, shapes and photo treatments to handoff to the larger team.